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Sleepyhead Sofa Sets

Designed for cozy movie marathons and even cozier dates. Stay nestled in comfort no matter which you choose.

Sleepyhead’s Modern Minimalist Solid Wood Sofas comes with a sturdy solid-wood frame that is resistant to termites and boring insects. Available in 1, 2 and 3-seater variants, this sofa comes with tufted cushioning that is resistant to sagging, fading and ensures it retains its shape no matter what you throw at it.

Starts at ₹10,999

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If the living room is the stage, the sofa set is its highlight!

Be it the living room or your bedroom, the ambiance of your home speaks a lot about your taste, style, and personality.

A Sofa Set is the most essential and useful piece of furniture in your living room. The sofa imparts a sense of relaxation and entertainment. It is probably also where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

A Sofa set complements the interiors and enhances the overall look of your living room. It can make or break the entire look of your house. Having the perfect set of sofa can make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Hence, investing in a good-quality sofa that suits your home and lifestyle is indispensable.

Sleepyhead’s diverse range of modern sofa set designs adds a unique spin to your living room. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about burning a deep hole in your pocket.

Buy Sofa Set Online in India

Buying furniture that perfectly blends with your home decor has become a lot easier. With just a click, you can choose from a plethora of exquisite designs as per your requirement. Sleepyhead’s online extensive collection consists of various designs, patterns, and sizes made up of high-density foam.

Besides eye-popping sofa set designs, Sleepyhead’s online modern sofa set in India provides access to browse various sofa cum bed collections. A foldable, convertible sofa bed is among the highlights of Sleepyhead.

Investing in a sofa set for your living room only for its looks won’t serve the purpose. You need to dig deeper before choosing a high-quality sofa. There are various things such as sofa set designs, sizes, colors, and patterns that you need to consider to accentuate the look of your living room.

However, the whole process of selecting the right sofa can be overwhelming and tricky. But, to make it simple, we have put it all together for you so that you can buy a sofa that is worth every penny.

Why are Sofas a Great Investment?

Sofa sets are not only a must-have possession, but they are also the most used furniture in your home. However, a piece of furniture can last longer, only if it is made up of high-quality materials.

The functional aspect of sofa sets makes investing in a premium quality sofa worthwhile. Besides, top-quality products provide good years of service.

Purpose of Buying a Sofa

Placement of the sofa is more vital than arranging it. Whether the sofa is for your living room, bedroom, or office use, the placement should be the first thing you must consider. Accordingly, you can choose a sofa that would be ideal for the purpose.

For example:

  • An office sofa set should look professional and blend well with the office environment. The sofa should also be comfortable since you would hold your office meetings and discussions while sitting on it.
  • A bedroom sofa should perfectly complement your bed and the color of your bedroom.
  • You should choose an L-shaped sofa or a small sofa that can fit into the space properly for a small drawing-room.

Types of Sofas Sets that Fits Your Choice

Undoubtedly, the right sofa set design can transform a regular room into a delightful set-up. Whether you use your sofa for lounging, sleeping, or just chilling purposes, it has to be comfortable and should adorn the beauty of your room.

The size of the sofa should suit the overall appearance of the room. Considering these facts, investing in an ideal piece can probably be the best idea for a makeover.

Let us check some of the shapes, styles, and materials that will help you decide which type to buy.

Wooden sofas

This timeless aesthetic catches everyone’s attention with its warm and elegant style. The wooden contemporary sofa designs have been dominating our living room for a long time.

If you love the idea of transforming your living room and giving it a vintage look, then this sofa is the one for you. This classic and subtle piece adds comfort, beauty, and coziness to your living room.

L-shaped sofas

This sofa is the latest and most in-demand style of many modern homes. Not only its attractive shape and style but its functionality is what makes it popular among the masses.

The L-shaped sofa provides more seating area within the restricted space, and the looks are trendy too. So if you have a relatively smaller living space and want a sofa that won’t occupy much space, then this is the ideal one for you. It can accommodate more people than a traditional sofa can.

Moreover, this L-shaped sofa can be of different types, such as sectional, cushion-backed, or classic L-shaped. You can choose among great L-shaped designs at the Sleepyhead online store, where sofa set prices are within the affordable range.

Sofa cum beds

As the name suggests, these sofa beds are designed to be easily foldable. You can convert it from a couch to a bed when required.

Sofa beds are the best option for optimizing the less spacious room. These sofa bed styles are convenient and practical and can accentuate the look of your room.

Sleepyhead’s Sofa bed has been quite popular and is among the best sofa cum beds among customers. So if you often struggle for extra mattresses on the surprise arrival of your guests, then you should consider investing in this super valuable and immensely functional décor from Sleepyhead.

Corner sofa set

The corner sofa sets are the best option to consider if you have minimal space and want to utilize the corner space effectively.

These sofa sets can convert the corners of your room into absolutely gorgeous living spaces. These are also equally perfect for bigger and smaller living spaces.

Fabric sofa set

The Fabric sofas are the best option if you are seeking an elegant and vibrant look. Moreover, these sofas are durable, comfortable, and have more longevity. They come in a plethora of colors and styles that are impossible to resist.

Fabric sofa sets are a must-have if you want a stylish and versatile look that adds dimension to your living room. If you are considering buying this elegant piece, it is worth checking Sleepyhead’s Bae collection is a perfect fit for your living space. It is available at an unbelievable price range.

Recliner sofa set

A recliner sofa set has become quite a popular choice among customers within a short span of time. They not only have a great visual appeal, but these sofas are also considered the epitome of comfort. They are made of the highest quality material, and the mechanisms used in this sofa are sure to give you a more relaxed option.

Type of Sofa Sets Based on the Number of Seats

We all have a design imprinted in our minds when we consider the interior of our new house or when we are remodeling or revamping our home. But we can’t just opt for our dream sofa without scrutinizing its practicality.
While choosing a sofa, it is vital to consider the availability of the space in your living room.

  • One-seater sofa

A one-seater sofa is a good idea if you want some me-time with yourself. The one-seater super comfortable sofa can be kept anywhere, from balconies and bedrooms to even closed terraces. It doesn’t occupy much space, and you can easily move it from one place to another.

  • Two-seater sofa

It is a highly versatile and widely used sofa set. Because of its less space requirement and cozy design, it is the most sought-after seating option among nuclear family households.

  • Three-seater sofa

The three-seater sofa is neither too big nor too small and hence goes well in medium-sized living rooms. This single three-seater sofa enhances the look and creates a style statement wherever you place it.

  • Four-seater sofa

The four-seater couch is a great option for relatively bigger families and ideal for spacious homes.

  • Five or more than five-seater

These stunning pieces are great options to think about, be it for a family get-together or a small party. If you are a party person, opt for Sleepyhead’s sofa sets, available in 1,2 and 3 seaters as well as L shaped, that will easily accommodate your guests.

Arrangement of Sofa Set as Per Its Location

Choosing a sofa and arranging it perfectly can be another task altogether. Let us discuss some of the arrangements that can go well with your living space.

The highlight of the room

The placement of the sofa should be ideally facing your TV set. However, the balcony or the entrance can also be an ideal focal point for your sofa placement.


You should arrange the sofa set in such a manner that it should not obstruct your movement.
It is always better to avoid close-knit arrangements. Placing the sofas too close to each other might cause inconvenience for a person as they might have to struggle to get into the seating area.

Also, it is advisable never to place the sofa near the doors and traffic areas.


You should always place a sofa in such a manner that it creates perfect balance. For example, position your three-seater sofa opposite your TV set. Then you can arrange two single-seater sofas facing each other beside the three-seater sofa for perfect symmetry.


You should utilize the corners of your home well, particularly if it is a small living room. Placing a sofa in a corner gives the room a very spacious and fresh look.

Sectional sofas

Arrangement of sectional designs can be a bit tricky as you cannot place them symmetrically. You can just add two chairs facing the sectional sofa, or you can just put a center table in front of the sofa.

Colors Matter for Sofa

If comfort is the main ingredient of a sofa, then color is its essence. Both elements are necessary to make a perfect sofa. Undoubtedly, the color of the sofa can enhance the entire look of the room.

  • When should you go for light colors?

If dark-colored walls and furniture dominate your living room, then you should opt for lighter or natural color sofas.

  • When to go for bright colors?

If you want your sofa to pop up, you should opt for bright color sofas. Place them against contrasting wall colors. The color for the sofa should match with the rest of the décor or should coordinate with certain key elements such as flooring or the wall color.

Benefits of Buying a Sleepyhead Sofa Set

It is no secret that a perfect sofa can convert a gloomy atmosphere into a pleasant one. Since your living room is where you spend your maximum time, it should be the most relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Sofa sets provide a relaxed ambiance and can uplift the mood.

Sofa set is an integral part of your living room

Without a sofa, a living room would look awkward and too empty. More importantly, leaving the most useful and relaxing place unattended isn’t wise. After all, it is the place where you get to spend your day with your family and friends, enjoying TV or just socializing.

It would be great to utilize the empty space with an elegant sofa so that you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

Anchoring unit

One of the best ways to anchor your living room is to invest in a good sofa. A beautiful and cozy sofa set can make anyone feel welcoming.

A sofa is a focal point in your living room. A large and gorgeous modern sofa set that serves as a focal point helps anchor every member of the family into it.

Comfort is the key

The living room looks incomplete without a sofa set. A simple sofa can turn your boring drawing-room into an appealing, comfortable haven. Comfort is an important aspect that you need to consider before investing in an expensive piece of furniture for your living room.

The premium quality of the materials used in composing the sofa set and an ergonomic style are necessary elements. And that is what Sleepyhead is all about! It provides exclusive designs from leather to wooden sofa sets just at your fingertip.

Final Words

Buying expensive furniture can be heavy on your wallet. Sleepyhead understands this, and that is why we offer time-to-time discounts. Along with a rich catalog of sofa collections, we try to keep up with the latest trends and styles to suit the needs of your modern homes.

At Sleepyhead, we try to make your online shopping experience as seamless as possible. So, come to us and buy the best range of modern sofas at pocket-friendly prices where quality matters.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sofa Sets

Usually, a sofa is made of wood, especially the frame. You can also have sofa frames in steel or laminated boards.

The materials used in the sofa for sofa padding are foam, feathers, fabrics, or sometimes a combination of these. Sofa makers generally cover the sofas in soft leather or linen.

Before buying a sofa you should consider certain points, such as the room’s dimension, i.e., its shape and size. You should always check for the material used in the upholstery. Sleepyhead uses high-density foam that is ideal for all body types.

There is no denying that purchasing a sofa set online can be intimidating since a big chunk of your hard-earned money goes towards buying it. But shopping online would be the best choice as you have plenty of options to select from, and on online purchasing, there are excellent deals and discounts available.

All the products of Sleepyhead go through multiple stages of quality check, before marking them ready for sale.

Sleepyhead products are shipped directly from the factory to you without going through retail and intermediaries. Hence the retail sale costs are avoided making the cost of the product lower compared to other brands.

The living room is the best place for sofa cum beds. You can fold the seat of the sofa beds and use it as a sofa. Unfold it into an extra bed when an uninformed overnight guest visits your house.

There are two different sofa cum beds available: convertible and pulled over sofa cum beds.

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