Luxury orthopedic mattress that’s infallible in giving you great sleep and ortho relief.

Sleepyhead's Just Launched

Modern Minimalist Solid Wood Sofas

Designed for cozy movie marathons and even cozier dates.

Manual Recliner RX5

Take Relaxation to a whole another level.

Sleepyhead's Just Launched

Aesthetically designed to be compact and fit into any bedroom

Sleepyhead's Just Launched

A sofa that’s so comfy, you’ll never be alone.

Sleepyhead's Just Launched
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Sleepyhead Sofa | Modern Minimalist Design
Sleepyhead Recliner RX5
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A luxury mattress like Sleepyhead would cost you 60% more in a retail outlet.


Get your zone set up in minutes. Cut, unroll, and enjoy!


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If you don't like it, we'll take it right back with full refund within 100 nights

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We’re India’s best online mattress store because we take comfort seriously.

From king size mattresses and singles to queen size mattresses, sofa cum beds and double size mattresses, Sleepyhead is engineered for perfect sleep. Made of durable memory foam, the premium quality of our orthopedic memory foam mattresses offer comfort far beyond coir or spring.

We LOVE helping customers get more comfortable. Which is why our luxury products are priced 60% lower than retail. Are we the best mattress brand? Those suffering from back pain or needing spinal alignment seem to think so. As do those who want a premium sleep experience, every night.

And we’re always happy to help you with any question you may have. What kind of mattress is good? What’s the best mattress for back pain? Can you buy a memory foam mattress online? Are Sleepyhead mattresses delivered to your home? When buying a new mattress, should you consider latex? How do you buy the right mattress for your specific needs? Do we have mattresses offers? What are our luxury mattresses priced at? If you can think it, we’ve got the answer for it.

What’s more, to buy Sleepyhead, you don’t need to visit a mattress store. Or ask your phone where you can “buy the best mattress near me” – as India’s premier online mattress brand, we’re everywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Orthopedic mattresses conform to the contours of your body, giving optimal support to all its pressure points. They provide correct spinal alignment to help alleviate stress on the spine and reduce back pain as well as increased energy levels during the day.

Memory foam has an open-cell structure that basically hugs the whole body as you sleep which helps relieve pressure points and prevent pressure sores regardless of how you sleep. This is an especially important benefit for those who share a bed. Since the memory foam material absorbs and isolates motion rather than transferring it, when one person rolls over or gets out of bed, their partner isn’t disturbed.

Some people like their mattresses to to be firm and some like to simply sink into their soft mattresses. In order to create the perfect mattress for all, we perfected a unique three-layer foam construction that provides the ultimate combination of support and coziness. Not too firm, not soft, just unbelievably luxurious.

Did you know that a mattress that you buy at a retail store costs up to 60% more than the actual cost of the mattress? And don’t forget the delivery cost! Our mattresses are shipped from our factory to you directly, thereby avoiding all retail and middlemen costs in between. So why pay more when you can save save save?