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Frequently asked quetions

Why is PCM (Phase Change Material) foam better than Cool gel foam?

Mattress reviews point out that cooling gel foam isn’t always cooling, oddly enough. That’s because the gel is a semi-liquid, and after an initial cooling effect, liquids acquire the same temperature as their surroundings. So really, the cooling gel’s effect is temporary. PCM keeps you cool all night long; it absorbs your body heat when you’re warm, and when your temperature dips, PCM transfers the stored heat back to you. Think of it as a piggybank for coolness.

What exactly does a Sleepyhead mattress feel like?

Some people like their mattresses to to be firm and some like to simply sink into their soft mattresses. In order to create the perfect mattress for all, we perfected a unique three-layer foam construction that provides the ultimate combination of support and coziness. Not too firm, not soft, just unbelievably luxurious.

Why is the mattress priced low compared to other brands?

Did you know that a mattress that you buy at a retail store costs up to 60% more than the actual cost of the mattress? And don’t forget the delivery cost! Our mattresses are shipped from our factory to you directly, thereby avoiding all retail and middlemen costs in between. So why pay more when you can save save save?

How do I compare the pricing of a Sleepyhead mattress to a similar product in a store?

As our products are shipped directly to you, all the cost savings on middlemen and store margins are also passed on to you. Your Sleepyhead mattress gives you at least 3 times savings compared to other retail brands with the same specifications.

Can I clean my mattress?

Yes, of course. You can clean the fabric zipper cover. All you have to do is gently remove the outer fabric cover and follow the wash care instructions for cleaning.

It takes a minute to fall in love but about a 100 days to form a commitment with a mattress. In case you don’t feel the warm and fuzzies with Sleepyhead Sense mattress, we’ll gladly take it back with absolutely no hassles and give you a 100% refund. We told you we’re easy.

Customer Speak

Sanjay Thogiti

Awesome, just started sleeping peacefully

After using conventional mattresses all my life first time I am feeling like relaxed and active in the morning.

Average rating: 5, based on reviews


Nothing but great sleep

Now I can Sleep even for 24 hours.. without any issues. I was initially feared about buying a mattress online. B...ut honestly no issues with customer care, delivery, product size and quality at great price.
Love you Sleepyhead !

Average rating: 5, based on reviews

Aman raj

Best mattress and best online buying experience

I am writing this review after i ordered wrong size mattress. I called sleepyhead customer care and unlike other... customer care this one was very easy to reach. They immediately helped me replace the mattress with the correct size. Now coming to mattress, this is the best mattress in market right now

Average rating: 5, based on reviews

Bharath srinivasalu


Hello guys, I had purchased sleepy head 3 layered mattress, for my mom , it is simply awesome and this team is ...outstanding thank you Ms. Merlin , I received this package within 3 days, wich made crazy, happie shopping with team sleepy head, and my personal thanks to MS. MERLIN for suggesting such a

Average rating: 5, based on reviews
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