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Sleepyhead Pillow

Microfibers and breathable mesh, designed for those who see no wrong in staying in bed all day long

Size: 27" × 17"

Feel: Soft and Supportive

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Comes in a
Duffle Bag


Rolled and Compressed


Let it Roll Out




Duffle Away

Head bed

Be in the right head space with our unique pillows that give you the right amount of support and dozy softness. These breathable little wonders are perfect for those who see no wrong in staying in bed all day long.

Sleepyhead Super soft Pillow

Super Soft

Sleepyhead Breathable Mesh Pillow

Breathable Mesh

Sleepyhead Micro Fiber Pillow

Micro Fiber

Sleepyhead Huggable Pillow


Sleepyhead Pillow

It’s all in the head.

Ever wake up feeling like your head has been doing hula hoops all night? Well, you’re not alone. Most people sleep on pillows that are either too soft, too hard or too puffy or too memory-foamy! So we made a pillow that provides the right amount of support and just the right amount of fluffiness that’s perfect, just like your Sleepyhead mattress.

Sleepyhead Designed to Hug Pillow

Designed to hug

A Sleepyhead pillow combines the goodness of micro fibers and a breathable mesh that provides the perfect support and softness for your head and neck.

Customer Speak



Sure it's far far better than my old pillows..My friend Swathi suggested it to me ..yeah it's highly reccomended ...

Average rating: 5, based on 11 reviews



Bought this b4 a week... Cool feel to sleep with this.. Highly recommended...

Average rating: 4, based on 11 reviews

Awesome pillows

Sheila Joseph

Bought two pillows and have been using it for a month now. Absolutely love it. Just bought another two more pillows for the kids room :) ...

Average rating: 5, based on 11 reviews

Fabulous Pillow

Naveen kumar

What a fabulous pillow i ever had,before this i don't see any pillow comes like this it's great.i suggest every one to buy this.i love it....

Average rating: 5, based on 11 reviews
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