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Sleepyhead™ Memory Foam Pillow

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Featuring space-age memory foam technology, the Memory Foam pillow offers you a level of comfort that is unique to you, while also providing orthopedic and cervical support. The cooling gel infused into the foam saps away your body heat to keep you feeling comfy all night. Additionally, the pillow also comes with a removable and washable outer cover to keep it fresh and your sleep enjoyable.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Memory Foam Pillow

Pack Content

1 Pillow, 2 Pillow



Fill Material

Memory Foam

Number of Pieces

1, 2

Outer Material





25 inches X 16 inches X 4.5 inches

Dead Weight

1.5 KG

Warranty Instructions

  • Normal increases in Softening and Setting of material or any other normal wear and tear.
  • Comfort preference
  • Physical abuse or damage to the structure and or cover material, including but not limited to burns, tears, Liquid damage & stains.
  • Damage caused by commercial use
  • Decrease in slow recovery feature


  • Never wash the pillow
  • Keep it covered in the pillowcase to protect from dust and dirt
  • Clean spots with a damp cloth


  • Wash separately in normal room temperature water
  • Don’t use bleach as it can weaken fibers
  • Do not pour detergents directly on the fabric, dilute it with water then add.

Care Instructions

  • Use a good quality pillow case to have the pillow stay clean and fresh for long
  • Don’t fold the pillow,Doing so may damage the pillow interior and make it lose its original shape

A pillow that remembers you.

Sleepyhead Memory Foam pillow is designed for orthopedic support and stress relief. It is specifically made to enhance sleep quality and increase comfort.

A pillow that remembers you.

Sleepyhead Memory Foam pillow is designed for orthopedic support and stress relief. It is specifically made to enhance sleep quality and increase comfort.


Be in the right head space with our unique pillows that give you the right amount of support and dozy softness. These breathable little wonders are perfect for those who see no wrong in staying in bed all day long.

Super soft

Breathable mesh

Micro fiber


Memory Foam for support and stress relief

Originally developed by NASA, memory foam contours itself to your body and relieves points of pressure and stress. It enables your body to heal while you get restful sleep.

Why the Sleepyhead Memory Foam Pillow fits you perfectly

Cool gel for added support and optimum sleep temperature

Cool gel-infused memory foam filling helps absorb body heat that you release during the night so that you sleep comfortably all night. It also provides cervical support and optimum sleep temperature.

Enhanced orthopaedic support

Sleepyhead Memory foam pillow provides cervical and orthopedic support. It helps in providing a comfortable sleeping experience. . It has an outer cover that is breathable and also removable and washable.

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Sleepyhead™ Memory Foam Pillow

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