This mattress protector saves you (a load of trouble)

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Yikes! Oh no! @***%$£! Spilt something on/stained your mattress cover, and by default, your mattress? We’ve been there, and that’s why, we’re not going back!

never again

For those who’ve ever messed up their mattress cover (i.e. all of us), Sleepyhead has created the zero-stain, anti-bacterial, Bamboo Terry waterproof mattress protector!

not a perfect mattress not a perfect mattress

And because you can’t have too much of a good thing, it’s not made of cotton, but Bamboo Terry. Here’s why:

1) It has better heat resistance than cotton, so say goodbye to waking up feeling all sweaty.

2) It’s 2.6 gms denser and so tougher than cotton. When it’s stretched, it’s also twice as strong. Considering you’ll be hooked to your Sleepyhead mattress for ever after, you’ll need a Mattress Protector that goes the distance.

3) Bamboo Terry doesn’t change colour like cotton does. Heat and sunlight can make cotton turn yellow and repeated washing makes it grey, but Bamboo Terry remains a saintly white.

4) Organic solvents don’t damage the fabric. That’s great because whenever you have to wash it (which isn’t often, since it’s a waterproof Mattress Protector), it’ll come out of the washing machine looking as good as new.

5) It’s more resistant to bacteria and mildew, especially in hot and humid conditions.

Sounds like it can’t get any better, doesn’t it? Oh wait, but it does! Here’s what else makes the Bamboo Terry waterproof Mattress Protector plain awesome:

1) The fabric is softer, smoother and glossier than cotton, because it’s been specially treated for an improved look and feel.

2) It comes in neutral saintly white colour,so it’s sure to match your bedroom décor.

3) Allergic to dust and bacteria? Well, who isn’t? You’ll be happy to know that the bed protector also shields you from allergens since it doesn’t let dust and bacteria settle.

4) It comes in multiple sizes. King size mattress protector? Check. Double mattress protector? Double check!

perfect mattress for all weather

So, ready to cozy up to this snazzy new bed cover? Here’s where you can order your Mattress Protector online.

Last modified: July 26, 2019