The real McCozy: The Sleepyhead Comforter

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It’s one of the rules of nature now – you cannot get great sleep without a comforter. Something to hug around, be tucked in securely, keeping your body at the right temperature…brb while we grab ours.

And given these stressful times added to work from home, the comforter is pretty much an essential item, all day long.

Sleepyhead gets it.

Which is why they created a Reversible Microfibre Comforter. Blissfully soft, it allows you to drift off to sleep – or keeps you just warm enough to be able to get through the day.

Why the Sleepyhead Comforter?

Made of premium fabric and filled with siliconised hollow microfiber, it’s also reversible, adding a touch of style to your bed, sofa aka Sofabed. This also makes it light enough for all climate conditions.

Cuddles guaranteed

Its luxurious micropoly peach finish fabric moulds itself to your form, almost cuddling you to sleep or comfort. A machine stitched pattern keeps the microfiber filling in place, keeping it comfy for years. And, what’s more, it’s easily washable in your washing machine.

Click for comfort

Available in single and double sizes in six vibrant, these are as good as duvets in winter, and light enough for summer. And even buying them is super comfy – you just need one click.

Last modified: May 11, 2021