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Sleepyhead Luxurious Mattress

People on an average spend 33% of their lifetime in bed! Your bed is a place where you relax, recover, and recharge your batteries. Considering the impact sleep has on our overall health, you may already be thinking about investing in a top of the line mattress. While what defines “luxury” is obviously subjective, clearly the price point is the central aspect. But what if we told you that an expensive mattress is not necessarily a luxury mattress. Using NASA approved technology, we have crafted together the best of the mattresses at the most affordable price.

The Mattress Pricing Paradox

Sleepyhead Mattress Pricing Paradox

Pricing in the mattress industry can be confusing. Some brands or models may have huge mark-ups, and retail sticker prices can be misleading. As a result, it’s impossible to determine whether the mattress is a luxury mattress just by looking at the price tag. At the end of the day, you want a mattress that delivers excellent comfort. This comfort is determined by its features, not by its cost. We are offering the best quality mattress at the most affordable price, you can find more details below.

Materials, a Bit of Rocket Science

Sleepyhead Mattress Construction

In a luxury product, there are no cutting corners when it comes to materials. No matter how many layers are in the design, each of those should be made with excellent materials and attention-to-detail. Weakness in one part can drag down the performance of the whole mattress, so a luxury option needs to have consistent quality throughout.

The foam in our mattress is made in house with a precision perfect manufacturing process. We use revolutionary Phase Change Cooling Foam that absorbs your body temperature when it’s hot and when the body cools down it releases the heat absorbed to maintain the perfect temperature for a good night’s sleep. It’s the same technology NASA uses for astronauts. So yes, our mattresses have a bit of rocket science under the hood.

Orthopedic Support and Comfort

Orthopaedic Support and Comfort

When we talk about mattress comfort, we’re talking about firmness. Firmness is the most important factor affecting how much you’ll enjoy lying on the mattress and how inviting you’ll find your bed to be. We all have our preferences: no one level of firmness is palatable to everyone.

In Sleepyhead, earlier mentioned PCM foam is backed by 2 layers of additional supporting foam offering excellent orthopedic support and comfort. The innermost layer has grooves which improve breathing and stability and it offers a 3 zone orthopedic support that contours each pressure point which suites each individual keeping the spine perfectly aligned.

Bonus Benefits

Sleepyhead’s luxury mattresses may come with other added benefits that can add significant value for you as a customer. Here are some of the bonus benefits:

  • 100-night free trial: Now you can buy the mattress and try it out. Sleepyhead offers a 100-night non-committal free trial, where you can return the mattress within 100 days if you are not happy.
  • Next Day Delivery: You can order the mattress through directly on our website and we will deliver the mattress in 24hrs*.

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Last modified: May 8, 2019