The search for the perfect matress

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Once upon a time, long long ago, when children weren’t blessed with iPads, there was a story called ‘The Princess and the Pea’ which was a favorite bedtime read. Here’s the long and short of it:

A prince wants to marry a legit princess. One rainy, stormy night, a girl knocks at the door of the castle, drenched and lost. The Prince’s mom, not a very trusting lady, puts the ‘so called princess’ to one test which would prove if she really was delicate enough to be a real princess. (There was no Google, remember?) Anyhoo, she sets a single pea, under hundreds of mattresses, to check whether the princess will feel this. Upon waking up, the girl complains about how poorly she slept. So yeah. Princess material!

Well, times haven’t changed much because today, most of us aren’t getting a restful night’s sleep, which really is very very bad for the health. Even if our lifestyles are completely fine (yeah, right) most of us wake up feeling like we didn’t sleep at all. Perhaps, its time we took a closer look at our mattresses.

Too expensive? Too firm? Too soft? Too memory foamy? Too hot? The perfect mattress is a bit like finding a real life princess right?

Then the good folks at Sleepyhead, had an idea: The Perfect Mattress for All. With a lifetime- worth of Mattress Studies and a little help from NASA, they cracked the formula for a mattress that not only fits 90% of all body types and sleeping patterns, butalso combines the best of all mattress technologies.

Sleepyhead - Right amount of firmness

Right amount of firmness

Sleepyhead - Right amount of bounce

Right amount of bounce

Sleepyhead - Right amount of density

Right amount of density

Sleepyhead - Washable outer cover

Washable outer cover

Sleepyhead - Perfect mattress for all

Perfect mattress for all

It would seem that all we needed all along were just three high quality foam layers- a supportive layer, a memory foam layer, cooling comfort layer and a covered with a breathable fabric. While the supportive layer forms a solid base, the NASA-invented memory foam takes the shape of the body, and the comfort layer provides the fuzziness that we all deserve.

Layers of Sleepyhead Mattress

If that weren’t enough, the Sleepyhead guys also reduced the shop price by 60%, by simply getting rid of the shop. The mattress is ordered online (no shopkeepers) and delivered to your doorstep, all magically compressed, in a super cute box! Just don’t ask it to sleep on a pea.

Save money without middleman

Last modified: July 30, 2019