Save, not spend on a mattress

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Save, not spend on a mattress

A ticket to Timbuktu. New wheels. A designer toaster. Go ahead, and save for things that are totally unnecessary. Your mattress however necessary, can be extra special and not cost to your month’s salary.

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You know why? Because when you buy your mattress from a showroom, you’re pretty much paying six times the manufacturing cost – because of sales cuts, retailer costs and whatnots.


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Our Sleepyhead, suits all body types, and also suits your wallet. It’s basically a fraction of what the same mattress would cost you in a showroom. A mattress that suits 90% of all body types and sleeping positions also suits your budget.

At just 17k for a Queen size mattress, Sleepyhead is ordered online and delivered to your doorstep, free of cost. There are no middlemen, no despo salesmen, or pricey delivery men who would refuse to go up a flight of stairs for an extra buck.


Your Sleepyhead is shipped to you directly from the factory. It’s compressed in a nifty box (which makes for easier deliveries) and it can be returned within 100 days AT NO EXTRA COST AT ALL.

Do we have a deal? Your piggy bank thinks so!

Last modified: July 26, 2019