PCM vs Cool Gel Foam? You’re on the winning side

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Ever felt like you fell asleep in your bed but woke up in the Sahara Desert? Well, you’ve got plenty of company. More than 50% of adults have the exact problem, and now, we’ve got the exact solution.‘Sleeping hot’, as it’s called, happens because your body temperature fluctuates while you sleep. Why’s that bad? Most mattresses reflect your body heat, which is why you end up feeling sweaty.

perfect mattress for all weather

Mattress makers have been sweating it out, trying to add a cooling element to memory foam mattresses. Cool gel foam was an initial solution, but sleep scientists are now all agog about Phase Change Materials (let’s just call it PCM).

not a perfect mattress not a perfect mattress not a perfect mattress

FYI, your Sleepyhead Sense mattress uses PCM. But of course!

What’s the difference?

Let’s make this quick, and not too science-y.

Cooling gel foam is stored as beads or is poured, while PCM is sprayed as the top layer of the mattress.

– Mattress reviews point out that cooling gel foam isn’t always cooling, oddly enough. That’s because the gel is a semi-liquid, and after an initial cooling effect, liquids acquire the same temperature as their surroundings if they’re not allowed to evaporate. So really, the cooling gel’s effect is temporary. PCM keeps you cool all night long; it absorbs your body heat when you’re warm, and when your temperature dips, PCM transfers the stored heat back to you. Think of it as a piggy bank for coolness.

– In PCM mattresses the cooling layer is placed above the memory foam and close to the sleep surface. But in cool gel mattresses, there are layers between you and the cooling material. If you ask us, that’s too far for comfort.

not a perfect mattress not a perfect mattress

Great, let’s talk support

What’s better than a PCM mattress? A PCM mattress that takes comfort and support seriously. In Sleepyhead Sense, our cool down mattress, the PCM layer is placed above two cushiony layers that have totally got your back:

– The innermost layer has grooves for 3-zoned orthopaedic support, which contour each pressure point individually, keeping your spine perfectly aligned. If you google ‘mattress for back pain’ or ‘ortho mattress’ often, ogle this.

– The layer in the middle is Responsive Memory Foam; thanks to its high density, it relieves pressure to respond to your body perfectly. Even if you’re the type who practices kung fu in your sleep.

Here’s a handy image:

perfect mattress for all weather

Plus, it has all the advantages of a Sleepyhead mattress. Oh, and the best part? You can snap up your mattress online in quick, easy peasy steps. Feels like Christmas, doesn’t it?

perfect mattress for all weather

Last modified: November 2, 2019