Memory foam: The hottest trend in mattresses?

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Do you often wake up drenched in sweat in the middle of the night, wondering whom to blame? It could be your super controlling boss or maybe it’s your constantly nagging girlfriend, or worse still, global warming?

No, no, and maybe.

not a perfect mattress not a perfect mattress

But trust us, the cause for these buckets of sweat is the surface you’re sleeping on. The ever-so- seductive Memory Foam, that according to ads everywhere, cradles you like a baby by taking the shape of your body. Heck, it was invented by NASA! And boom, you’re sold.

But after over 20 years of research in mattresses, we know that if memory foam is not used right, it traps a lot of heat from your body, making your dreamy eight hours nothing less than a nightmare.

Memory foam may have changed the way mattresses are made (and sold) the world over, but beware because without the right cushioning between your body and the foam, you could not only be ruining your sleep, but dehydrating your system.

Not easy delivery weather

At Sleepyhead, we have found the perfect way to use the advantages of memory foam, without letting the heat get to your body by providing an extremely cozy, breathable mesh that keeps the air circulation in the mattress to the max. So you can sleep even on the warmest summer nights, without breaking a sweat.

perfect mattress
perfect mattress for all weather

Last modified: July 30, 2019