Indoor plants that help you zzzz better

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It’s true – plants can actually help you sleep better at night.
Now, you may be thinking of a different kind of greenery.

But we mean the kind that grows in pots. Flowers. Plants with leaves, dudes. Science has shown time and time again that plants are not just beneficial but vital to our well-being. And there have been multiple studies that show that foliage in our bedrooms can improve not just the quality of our sleep, but the frequency of great sleep too. This is in addition to the purchase of a great memory foam mattress online, of course.

Here are the green foliage plants that are good for your zzzzs.

1. Jasmine

Jasmine is used for religious purposes in India and after night spent sleeping with its sweet scent, you may be ready to call it Holy Jasmine. Studies have shown that the smell of jasmine influences better sleep, lower anxiety, and better all-round mental performance. It sounds like the aromatherapy equivalent of a king-size mattress.

2. Aloe vera

You may already be familiar with ale vera – a staple in every skincare DIY online. But it’s a healer plant that is used for better digestion and immunity as well as skin and hair care. Aloe releases oxygen at night, treating your pulmonary system right. It also lowers the levels of chemicals like benzene (from chemical cleaners). Just like the Sleepyhead Sense, the aloe plant is also NASA-approved for its air purification properties.

3. Snake Plant

You need to buy this plant for its nickname alone – it’s also called mother-in-law’s tongue. Besides the potential for comedy, it also releases a ton oxygen at night, helping you breathe purer air while you sleep. Like it’s friend aloe vera, it also filters household toxins like benzene and formaldehyde. Talk about a somatic high.

4. Golden Pothos

This plant is almost unkillable and thus perfect for those who always forget to water their plants. As low maintenance as your college sweetheart, they also act as air purifiers and filter carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Place them near your window for extra pure results.

5. Spider Plant

This is your friendly neighbourhood unkillable plant. It does the usual: purify air, improve oxygen levels, remove toxins, impresses people who think you’ve cared for another living being. But bonanza, it also rids your room of unwanted odours if your parents try to raid your room.

Bonus: Flowering plants that help you sleep better

Peace Lily

This exquisitely pretty flowering plant is tougher than it looks – the Peace Lily breaks down pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene as well as insomnia. It increases humidity, helping soothe allergies, dry throats and sinus issues. Warning: It can be toxic to pets and humans if eaten, so keep it out of reach.

Gerbera Daisy

Colour every morning in with a gerbera daisy plant in your room. They emit oxygen at night, and purify the air, helping people with allergies sleep better. The daisy is a fussy plant though, and an annual, which means it might not last beyond a year.

Last modified: August 18, 2020