How good are you in bed? #WORLDSLEEPDAY2018

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Today marks the 10th annual World Sleep Day. We at Sleepyhead, couldn’t agree more with this year’s tagline. It is absolutely essential to preserve the rhythms to enjoy life. But it is easier said than done. For those out there who think sleep is easy, we’d like you to take this quiz, before you arrive at any conclusions. As kids we remember that feeling once you fall asleep, you feel that the world is dead…you don’t care whether you sleep on your belly or on your spine…did you touch the edge in the morning or did you hug it all night. You feel like you’ve transcended to this realm of unconsciousness or rather sub consciousness where we are detached from worldly affairs and lost in the ever-so perky slumber land.

Well…that is the sleep of babies or maybe prince and princess in fairylands. Here, amidst the hustle bustle of the real world, only the elite Zen masters can catch a good night’s sleep this effortlessly. That’s why it is important to find out how good you are at sleeping.

Here’s a quick quiz to find out how good of a sleeper you actually are.


Last modified: July 30, 2019