Announcing the worldwide box-ing champion

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Think of all the wonderful things that come in a box. An engagement ring? Blah, such a cliché. Jack-in-the-box? That’s sooo last decade. Chinese food? Well, that’s awesome, depending on how hungry you are.

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By far, the newest and freshest thing that comes in a box is a super fine mattress. And how does it fit in a box? How’d you take it out? Is this a gimmick for the Guinness Book of Records?

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All your questions are just about to be answered.

Sleepyhead is made of layers of super fine foams that are so flexible and strong that they can be magically (with a little help from a compression machine) be squeezed to the size of a quilt, without affecting the superior quality of the mattress at all. ZERO crumples and creases!

This ‘mattress quilt’ is then rolled up and it slides into a pretty little box. For good reason too. This box can be easy transported from our factory, and delivered right to your doorstep, with zero fuss.

Sleepyhead – Mattress in a box

Now, let’s get to the fun part. When you receive your mattress in a box, you maybe a little surprised. And even more surprised when you slide it out and lay the compressed mattress on your bed and cut out the plastic.

Sleepyhead Mattress – Unboxing

Now, you may as well grab a box of popcorn and watch it amazingly turn into a full sized, super comfy mattress in just an hour.

Sleepyhead Mattress – 100 Nights Trial

When you give this dreamy piece of mattress a trial run, you’ll realize that the magic show has only just begun.

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Last modified: July 30, 2019