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Made of premium-quality engineered wood with a provincial teak finish. Strong, durable wood. The ideal base for uninterrupted, sound sleep.

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Made of premium-quality engineered wood with a provincial teak finish. Strong, durable wood. The ideal base for uninterrupted, sound sleep.



King, Queen


Engineered Wood



Type of product

Bed with Storage

Item Dimensions LxWxH

King: 2.02 x 1.90 x 0.86 Meters, Queen: 1.98 x 1.6 x 0.86 Meters

Assembly Required

Yes (DIY)

Compatible Mattress

King: 78X72, Queen: 78X60

Storage Type

Box Storage


Free Delivery Direct from factory / warehouse


1 year manufacturer warranty

Elegance meets utility

The Sleepyhead Bed ES is an ergonomically designed bed with a smooth finish, made of E1-grade particle board, with several utility storage spaces on your headboard for your sleep essentials.

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The Modern Marvel of Engineered Wood

True to its name, engineered wood is another term for manufactured wood. With its many benefits, engineered wood has become a much preferred option to other materials. Furniture makers are turning to this strong and durable material to manufacture their cots and sofas. Sleepyhead uses engineered wood to great effect with some of their products. The Sleepyhead engineered wood bed is an ergonomic bed made of an E-1 grade particle board with a polished finish. It comes with 4 box-storage chambers and additional storage compartments on the headboard as well for all sleep essentials. Read on to understand the benefits of the Sleepyhead Bed

Storage and style

The Sleepyhead engineered wood beds are made using an E-1 grade particle board. This resin-bonded particle board comes with a decorative melamine surface. It is usually manufactured using renewable plantation pine that has received certification. The Sleepyhead engineering wood bed has four box-storage chambers and extra storage compartments on the headboard. This elegant mix of storage and style makes for a perfect addition to your bedroom. 

Durable and strong

The Sleepyhead engineered wood bed with storage utilises solid and strong construction. The premium engineered wood king size bed used to make this bed is termite resistant and comes with a 12-month warranty. The E-1 grade pre-laminated particle board is known for its durable nature as well as its smooth finish. A dark chestnut finish with natural grain and texture is applied as a finishing touch. 

Engineering wood bed price

A premium product will cost you a large sum of money. A retail outlet will easily charge you an average of 60% more than Sleepyhead’s online shop. You can also purchase mattress online here. 

Wide range of engineered wood

Here are a few types of engineered wood that you’ll find in the market today. 

Particle board

Produced by compressing wood waste like sawdust, sawmill shavings and wood chips, particle board is more uniform than plywood and requires a sealant to ensure its durability. Most commonly used in making false ceilings and furniture. 

MDF (Medium-density fiberboard)

A basic wood type that is made by shredding hardwood and softwood into wood fibre. The fibres are bonded together under pressure and heat and then made into panels. 

Medium density fibreboards have a smooth finish and make for denser boards than plywood. Their thickness and qualities differ. 


A popular form of wood, this wooden structural panel is made by cross-lamination of veneer sheets. They are then joined together with moisture-resistant glue, under pressure and heat. 

It is known to be a versatile wood material that is used to make interiors, exteriors and structural frames.

Laminate veneer

The manufacturing of laminate veneer is done by assembling many layers of thin wood with industrial adhesive. It then starts to resemble plywood. Laminate veneer is known to be more durable and uniform than most types of wood. Its structure is such that it is prone to less shrinking and warping. 


Softwood strips are joined at the core to make a blockboard. The strips are about 25 mm in width and are placed side-by-side between hardwood veneers and put together with intense pressure. Blockboards are used commonly in the making of doors, partitions, shelves and panels. It is popular for its lack of weight. 

Cross laminated timber or CLT

CLT is produced by arranging different layers of solid-sawed lumber perpendicular to each other. Its structural rigidity is much preferred when designing flooring, walls, ceilings, roofs and other kinds of furniture. 

Advantages of engineered wood Bed

Although most people prefer solid wood over engineered wood, engineered wood is both cheaper and easier to maintain. These engineered wood bed designs meet your needs and application-specific requirements. Engineered wood is synonymous with being readily available and versatile. It’s easy to work on using ordinary tools; cutting, drilling, routing, gluing and fastening all become much simpler to do. It is also malleable unlike solid wood. The biggest advantage of engineered wood is that it is cost-effective and easy to use. Particle wood is cheaper, denser and more uniform than solid wood. Although prone to expansion, discolouration and moisture retention, painting over it can ensure it lasts longer. It isn’t suited for outdoor use as it can disintegrate and spoil due to water damage. 

Engineered wood is much lighter than solid wood and is fast becoming popular with furniture buyers. It is available oiled, lacquered, brushed or even unfinished. Sleepyhead has both solid wood and engineered wood beds. They are cost-effective, come with good storage options and are one of the best premium options you can find online.

53 reviews for Sleepyhead Bed ES – Engineered Wood Bed

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  • Arushi

    Love the bed, easy to build and very sturdy. You will not be disappointed.

    January 4, 2022

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  • Senthil Kumar

    So far so good, we’ve had the bed a few weeks. Was easy to put together with two people.

    January 2, 2022

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  • Blesson

    Great buy! Easy to put together as well.

    December 31, 2021

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  • Lavanya


    Very easy to put together and looks great!

    December 27, 2021

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    • Sleepyhead™

      December 28, 2021

      Greetings from Sleepyhead!

      It has been a pleasure serving you, Hope to see you soon.

      Happy Sleeping!

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